Breast Augmentation

Are you feeling insecure about the size or shape of your breasts? A breast augmentation may help you regain your confidence!

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure to increase the size and aesthetics of the breasts. A similar method can be used to recreate a breast after a mastectomy.

Why have a breast augmentation?

  • To increase breast size
  • To improve breast shape and reduce sagging
  • To balance size and shape of the breasts if they are unequal

How would I go about having this procedure?

A consultation is the first step to breast augmentation. Have your goals and expectations in mind before you consult with your surgeon so you both have an understanding of your desired outcome.

How is the procedure performed?

There are various ways to perform breast augmentation; however they all involve the insertion of an implant. Implants can be inserted behind the breast tissue or behind the pectoral muscle, depending on the look you wish to achieve. All implants we use consist of cohesive silicone gel or saline (salt water).

Recovery time

Breast augmentation can be performed as day surgery or alternatively with a short hospital stay. Recovery is generally short-term and within 2-3 weeks you can return to work and everyday activities.

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