Wrinkles / Expression Lines

Are worried thoughts about aging, showing on your face? Our treatment for wrinkles and expression lines may be the answer you’re after!

Wrinkles and lines can become more prominent with the repeated use of certain facial expressions -these include:

  • Years of smiling which can lead to‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes
  • Frowning can cause lines between the eyebrows, and raising the eyebrows can cause horizontal lines across the forehead.

Other common facial lines include:

  • Down turned corners of the mouth
  • Deep chin crease
  • ‘Smokers lines’ also upper lip lines
  • ‘Bunny scrunch’ lines on the sides of the nose
  • Nasal flare line
  • Muscle bands on the neck


These lines can be reduced through the use of a natural purified protein that relaxes the wrinkle causing muscles in the face.

An injection is administered by one of our highly trained Cosmetic Rejuvenation Therapists using a very fine needle. Treatment takes around 10 minutes and any discomfort is minimal and brief.

The effect of this anti-aging treatment lasts between 3-4 months.

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