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We are on the hunt for valued consumers who are interested in volunteering with us to provide feedback and input into quality improvement activities at Brighton Day Surgery.

Your input will provide an important perspective on what a consumer is looking for in healthcare, and will assist us to better serve the community.

If this sounds like it could be you, see below for the role description and register your interest in an info session via Zoom.

Role and Responsibilities of a Consumer Representative

Brighton Day Surgery is committed to engaging with and listening to our patients, their carers and our consumers. Our aim is that our services remain relevant and valuable to consumers. By providing your insight and feedback, we hope to continue to improve our services and facility.

Please find below, a summary of the role and responsibilities as a consumer representative for Brighton Day Surgery.

  • You will be contacted at least once a year (although, it may be more frequently) via email, telephone or other method at your convenience to partner with our organisation to provide feedback
  • You will be invited to review our quality and safety data and make comment on these figures and data
  • You will be asked for your input on development of new forms and publications
  • Your role is to provide your perspective as a consumer, patient or carer – this may include your perceptions or opinions, your personal perspective and what you see as opportunities for us to improve as a healthcare facility

In supporting your role as consumer representative of Brighton Day Surgery, please review the Australian Charter of Patient Rights.

This may assist you in defining your patient perspective.

If you have any queries regarding your role as a consumer representative, please do not hesitate to call and discuss these concerns with the general manager at Brighton Day Surgery. (Phone 8377 1775 or email:

For further information on the roles and responsibilities of the consumer representative, the following resources may be of assistance: health-care/getting-involved-toolkit-for-consumer-representatives/

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