How to Skin-Check on yourself

It is important for you to know your own skin and notice when things change. Doing this regularly and systematically can help you detect when something is wrong or needs to be checked by a doctor.

Do a self-skin check on the first day of the month.

Undress and stand in front of the mirror. Look at your whole face including eyelids, nose, lips, ears.

Check your scalp -part your hair layer by layer and check the scalp visually and by feel. A comb or hairdryer may assist with this process.

Check your hands the palm and backs of the hands, look at fingernails and in between the fingers, continue to the forearms front and back.

For upper arms, check the inner and outer surface and lift your arm and check the armpit and use the mirror to look at the back of the shoulder area. Repeat on both sides.

Next, look at neck, chest and body. Lift the breasts and look underneath the fold.

For the nape of the neck and back, use a handheld mirror as well as the wall mounted mirror to inspect these hard to see areas.

For your legs, check the back and front of legs including buttocks and genital area. Make sure you check your feet top and sole and between the toes.

If you see something new or changing then you should get a skin check by a doctor.

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